I specifically wanted to shout out the installation team. They were professional, tidy, efficient, showed great communication, and accurate in everything they did. Above all of those, it was so evident that safety was in the forefront of their thoughts each step of the way, and that really means the world to everyone here at Altec. It isn’t often that we have a contractor on site that is talked about around the facility in a positive way, but I heard nothing but positive comments all week. Engineers, group leads, supervisors, and management were all talking about what an impressive crew was on site and the quality of their work.

Your commitment to safety and the professional manner was invaluable to getting the work done in both a timely and efficient manner. From our first meeting to the time you showed up on site you all made a commitment to keep us on schedule and the fact that you were able to do this is greatly appreciated.  Thank you again for everything that you have done to help make this project a success and I look forward to working with you and your team on future projects.

Everything went well. At no time did they take any shortcuts, rush and do anything that was unsafe or dangerous. Their attention to detail and level of focus was at the highest possible level and without any distractions. Every step was carefully considered, thought out and planned from the beginning to the end of the project. My experience with them was nothing less than fantastic and underlines the fact that we made a great decision in going with Ken.

The Schlitz Crane crew was very responsive and thorough with their work. When we ran into issues with the layout interfering with one of our building columns, they were patient and very helpful as we developed a work-around solution. The service tech that commissioned the crane provided great instructions and answered all of our questions. Thanks for all the hard work.

Went above and beyond to help me and on very short notice. Very professional and took the job on and ran with it. Our guys also did what they needed in supplying their info and got the required training done, also with very little notice.

Thank you and your team for the excellent install work this week. The entire team was extremely professional, responsive, tidy, and took great care and pride in their work while being very keen not to impact the manufacturing activity of the plant.

Everything looks great. Everyone appreciates your team’s professionalism with the major critical lift of both 90 ft bridge cranes into place. Thanks for the smooth installation.

The guys did a great job, stayed safe and got the crane down on schedule. I was pleased to see them take their time when things got a little complicated and still complete the work safely.

Just wanted to let you know installation went very well. Your people did a great job installing gantry and working with Nucor personnel. They were all very impressed.

The quality of work demonstrates that they take a lot of pride in their craftsmanship. While the congestion in the plant provided multiple challenges, the team was able to erect the crane with minimal disruption to our plant activities. The team complied with all the safety guidelines we spelled out without complaint and left the work areas as clean as they were when they arrived. It was a pleasure working with you and your team.

Just wanted to let you know that your installers did an excellent job! They were very professional, worked in a safe manner, and always made sure I was informed of anything that would affect our operations. Just wish all my contractors were in this class.

I cannot thank you enough for your diligent and professional work on this project. I consistently on every project get the most positive feedback from our customers about working with you. This project is no exception—Gray has nothing but praise for you and your crew!

Your guys did a good job on installing the 20 ton crane. We installed a gas line about a month ago. They had to deal with it because it was too low. They worked around it and got the job done. Hats off to your guys. Very professional, and they had common sense. That’s a rare thing nowadays (common sense).

I just want to say it was a pleasure working with such a professional and darn good company. You did a great job with both the complex installation and removal of the cranes.

I do want to express how pleased the customer was with the installation efficiency of the runways and cranes. He was surprised as he expected more hiccups than experienced. Those experienced were no fault of ours and he was quite impressed with how quickly we escalated and solved the issue.

Your guys did a great job!

Your crew did great, thank you!!