We at Schiltz Crane are dedicated to customer service and satisfaction as witnessed by our rapid growth and customer retention. Since our company was founded we have completed hundreds of crane installations for several manufacturers throughout the U.S. as well as some international jobs.

With over 100 years of combined experience, our installer/technicians have erected all types and sizes of overhead cranes from light-duty hoists to Class E severe duty mill cranes.

Our installer/technicians are qualified and trained to install, service, inspect and repair electrical and mechanical components. For that reason, we offer extra value when contracted to install a new crane system as we can offer a complete turnkey installation from layout to final inspection and load test. (Some crane erectors require a separate trip by a factory technician to perform startup or they skip commissioning altogether and turn the crane over to the customer without proper testing)

It is very important that a new crane system is installed and commissioned properly in order to get peak efficiency, safe operation, and durability throughout the life of the crane. That is why our work is based on OSHA, ANSI and CMAA regulations and a detailed report is issued for each crane upon completion which includes signed Final Inspection Document and Load Test Certification.

Every job we do starts with the number one priority of safety we also emphasize doing the job right and completing on schedule.

References and photos are available upon request.

Installation Videos

Illinois Steel Mill Installation

Trilifter Installation

WTE Installation

WTE Installation